SeQual Eclipse 5

CAIRE Eclipse 5

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SeQual Eclipse 5

Its 2 machines in one! With the push of a button you can adjust your oxygen rate, and even switch your concentrator from pulse flow to continuous flow or vice versa.

Equipped with an easy to attach traveling cart, with a telescoping handle that you can adjust to your comfort level, and large oversized wheels that allow you to go anywhere transporting is effortless and nothing will get in your way of living an active lifestyle.

Have no worries when you are out with this machine. CAIRE’s autoSAT® Technology acts as your personal cruise control. autoSAT® adjusts the oxygen output and guarantees that the prescribed amount of oxygen is delivered with each breath whether you are at work or play.

This item requires a prescriptionThis Item Requires a Prescription
Portable Oxygen Concentrator Weight Weight:
18.4 Pounds
Portable Oxygen Concentrator Sound Level Decibels:
48 dB(A) at 3.0 LPM Continuous Flow Mode
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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Dimensions Dimensions:
Height: 19.3 inches
Width: 12.3 inches
Depth: 7.1 inches
Portable Oxygen Concentrator Battery Duration Battery Duration:
5.1 Hours at Pulse 2
2 Hours at 2 LPM

What's Included

CAIRE Eclipse 5 Cart
Eclipse 5 Cart
CAIRE Eclipse 5 Battery
Eclipse 5 Battery
CAIRE Eclipse 5 AC/DC Adapter
Eclipse 5 Home (AC) power supply
CAIRE Eclipse 5 Accessory Carry Case
Eclipse 5 Accessory Carry Case
CAIRE Eclipse 5 DC Power Supply
Eclipse 5 DC Power Supply

Technical Specifications

Flow Rates
0.5 - 3.0 LPM (0.5 liter increments)
1.0-6.0 = 16-96 mL (8 mL increments)
7.0-9.0 = 128-192 mL (32 mL increments)
18.4 lb. (8.3 kg), Battery 3.4 lb. (1.5 kg)
19.3 in H x 12.3 in W x 7.1 in D
(49.0 cm H x 31.2 cm W x 18.0 cm D)
Oxygen Purity
90% +5.5/-3%
Battery Duration
2 hours (at 2 LPM)
5.1 hours (at a pulse dose setting of 2)
Battery Recharge Time
1.8 to 5.0 hours recharge time (dependent upon the flow)
Sound Level
48 dB(A) at 3.0 LPM Continuous Flow Mode
40 dB(A) at 3.0 Pulse Dose setting
Standard Warranty
3 year concentrator
1 year battery, power supplies, standard accessories